reverend_jim98 (reverend_jim98) wrote in drunkenbastards,

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Last night I drank most of a bottle of 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. It has a good taste, not to sweet, nice buzz, little hangover. From the back of the bottle: "Small Batch. Long Heritage. Ridgmont Reserve 1792 Kentucky Straight Boubon Whiskey commemorates the year Kentucky became our 15th state. The Ridgmont still is located at the distillery in Bardstown, the heart of bourbon country. The character, quality and taste of this bourbon embody the bold spirit and rich heritage of a proud land. We know that you will enjoy this handcrafted, 8-year-old, smallbatch bourbon, which was produced under the stricktest of standards and with the utmost of Kentucky pride." Like I said, I liked it. What kind of booze are you drinking?
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